Crash of Cars 1.3.30 (MOD Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Crash of Cars 1.3.30 (MOD Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Unlock multiple cars with varied tiers
Find yourself having access to the huge car collection in Crash of Cars which features varied vehicles from unique tiers. You can choose between 70+ cars from 4 different classes including Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the tier, the more capable your vehicle will be when you engage your opponents in the epic battles.

Feel free to customize your cars with unique skins
And since you’ll mostly fight your opponents in online battles, having a customizable car with unique skin on it will certainly make you stand out among other players. This will somewhat intimidate them while making you feel a lot better about yourself. That being said, with more than 30 different skins to apply on your cars, you’ll definitely have a good time “dressing up” the vehicles in Crash of Cars.

Epic power-ups to have on your vehicles
To make your cars more capable during the fights, you are also given access to a variety of different Power-Ups. Find yourself picking up the epic flamethrowers and set your opponents on fire, blow them up with your powerful cannons or trebuchet, and so on. With 16 unique powers, you’ll find it quite enjoyed playing with the unique tactics in the game.

Crash of Cars 1.3.30 (MOD Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Choose between different maps to enjoy
In addition, with 8 different maps to enjoy, gamers in Crash of Cars will find themselves having some quality time as they battle epic enemies in varied environments. In addition, the maps are also available for you to pick up when you join other online gamers in the real-time multiplayer battles. Hence, you can feel free to pick the one that suits you the most.

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